RnD - Internal

Bee Studies

Full CG Creature Animation

my role, what I did:

  • lookdev
  • rigging, animation
  • matchmoving
  • hair & vfx
  • lighting, shading, rendering 
  • compositing

project information:

nhb studios - 2015: Integration of a photorealistic digital creature animation in live footage taken with the Red Epic Camera...

bees finalComp vfThis was the idea: build a photorealistic bee with fur, rig and animate it by taking the best reference: nature studies - and integrate it into a live-plate taken with the RED Epic Camera.

A really great opportunity and challenge to try out available equipement and - of course - a lot of fun!



Bee Studies - Final Compositing Quality
Bee Studies - Whole sequence in WIP compositing quality


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Ralf Hietel