Motion Design

Netman 4G

Superhero for TV / Cinema Ad

my role, what I did:

  • concept, storyboard, previz
  • modeling, texturing, shading
  • animation
  • dynamics & vfx
  • lighting, rendering, pre-comp

project information:

nhb studios / Advantage Y&R - 2012: Netman is the Nambians’ superhero bringing 4G highspeed internet access - Terminator combined with the Silver Surfer!

netman 4G 02"Cool visuals with a WOW-factor" - a fully computer generated dynamic 60 second spot including netman‘s design and creating downtown Windhoek.

The developement-process also included several iterations of storyboards, concept-artworks and motiongraphics-elements - as shown in the picture / video - links below...


Netman 4G TV AD - Retail Packshot
Netman 4G TV AD - Superhero Turntable
Netman 4G TV AD - Previs Animatic


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Ralf Hietel